A little History of Post Oak School
Located 3 miles east of Lueders, Texas in Shackelford County

The following was authored by E. Ray Smyth who lived 1/2 mile east of the school from 1937 to 1943 and starting with the 1st graded he attended the term years of 1940/41 - 1941/42 - 1942/43.

It is assumed the school was probably started in the early 1900's when oil was discovered on the Bluff Creek Ranch and other nearby areas.

This can be assumed because the oil leases added several families to the area to pump and take care of the oil wells thus adding to the need for a school.

E. Ray remembers the school house being a three room building when he first moved to the area in 1937. Some where around 1938 or 39 an addition was added to increase the size of the north room and provide a basement for a kitchen and lunch room.

Post Oak was a classic two class room school house where a man and his wife both taught school and where in fact the only teachers the school had.

The school kitchen was used by all the people in the area to do canning during canning season. The ladies would all meet at the school and spend all day canning their fruits and vegetables.

The Post Oak School had a large storm cellar approximately 25 feet long by 8 feet wide built large enough to hold the school children in the event of a storm.

However, when tornadoes or other serious storms threatened the area those people living in the area would also head for the storm cellar at the school house.

Most farm houses of the era usually had storm cellars. However, some didn't and then the oil lease houses usually did not.

As the car and a modern means of transportation i.e. the school bus developed, the necessity of providing public education in close vicinity to the students diminished and the small country schools such as Post Oak were consolidated into the larger existing schools in towns and cities.

AND, thus it was in the mid forties that Post Oak in Shackelford County merged into the school at Albany, Texas. However, several Post Oak families moved into Lueders, Texas in Jones County so their children could attend the Lueders School which was only 3 miles from Post Oak whereas Albany in Shackelford County was 20 mile distant.

Because of it's nearness to Lueders, Post Oak's Lore, History and it's People is intermingled with that of Lueders, Texas and additional information about Lueders is available by, Clicking:..   HERE

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